Easy Steps To Get An Old Mac Running Like New Again

Published: 29th June 2011
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Apple Mac's and IMacs such as Macbook Pros and Macbook and the Imac are infamous for their quick processing speed and their power to be able to run several intricate comands at the same time.

With these features and their hefty price tag that makes it that bit more frustrating when your mac begins to run slowly.

If you are experiencing 'mac running slow' syndrome, there are a couple simple and free steps to take get our mac running as good as new within 30 minutes.

First Tip

Look at how many software's you are running at once. Yes a Apple Mac is ment to be capable at running at optimum speed no matter how many software's and and applications you have open, but unfortunately this may not the the case.

Second Tip

Perhaps you have noticed your Mac is very slow when you are browsing the Internet, and you are sure that is is not your Internet provider, make sure you have less than 5 tabs or windows open up at the same time. You are allowed over this ammount if you like but you will definitely notice a dramatic dip in the speed of loading pages.

After all this, if your Internet is still sluggish and you have only one or two windows opens, i suggest emptying your history and cache. Over time your browsing history collects so much information that it can dramatically slow down the speed of your internet browser.

Tip Three

If you still have a problem with the loading speed of your internet, try swapping browsers.

A large amount Apple Mac users surf on Safari, this is beacuse it is the default Internet browser on an Apple mac. However, many say that Chrome and Mozilla FireFox are much better and faster. So i strongly suggest you consider experimenting with one or both of them.

Fourth and Final Tip

My fourth and final step is the answer and the top reason to why you're experiencing mac running slow issues. Your Mac requires a good clear out!

The anmount of Disk Space you have left, is the ammount of storage you have left to store data on your laptop. Just because your new Imac brags about having 300g of disk space, does not mean that you can completely fill it up and expect it to work like new. If you have less that 50% disk space remianing, you seriously need look in to cleaning.

Don't panic you do not have to search though your entire computer manually. The best and most effective way to completely clean out your harddrive is by using a professional mac defrag and mac cleaner.

Mac cleaners really are excellent as they will completely frees an amazing amount of , dramatically boosting your computer's performance.

When i was facing a slow mac, i carried ou the same steps recommend above. It had some impact but not as much as i had hoped, i resorted to a mac cleaner, and let's just say, i wish i had discovered it sooner!

The cleaner hunted down a whopping 40 GB of disk space, shockingly my mac was only 8 months old!

Now, i realise i mentioned that these steps on 'How to Get Your Mac Running Fast' again, would be free, and most good mac defrag software's and Mac cleaners are paid for. However, one is currently offering dose offer a free trial.

So go ahead, get your mitshands on a Free Mac Cleaner trial and your Mac will be running as good as new in 30 minutes.

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